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Fetishes and Kinks

What are you into?

Learn a little more about what you might like to include in a session to ensure you get exactly what you crave.
Below are a few of my favourites and specialties.

Foot/Heel Fetish

If you love shoes, stockings, or bare feet. There are so many ways to enjoy the feel, smell, and taste of them.

Corporal Punishment

You might want to be taken back to school and be hit on the hand with a ruler or feel the cane on your bare behind. You may enjoy being strung up and flogged or even dare to feel the sting of a single tail whip. The important thing is finding which of these gives you the physical and mental stimulation you are looking for


You might enjoy crossdressing and embracing your feminine side playfully or slut training and forced bi. Whatever type of sissy you want to be, we can make you!


That's right, locked in a cage that I have the key to. How long for depends on you. Do what I say and you can have the key!

Tie & Tease

Oh how I love to tease! The frustration will make you literally want to explode!


So many ways to humiliate and degrade you, in private or public.

Medical Fetish

Do you get turned on by a latex gloved examination, giving a sample, or more invasive procedures?

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